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The Creamery


A fully handmade teacup with a ruyao glaze. This teacup will craze and crackle with use. As with any handmade teacup, each teacup is unique. There may be small differences between the size, shape, and appearance of the teacup pictured.

This style of pinched cup yields cups with very unique character. For those who are shy of the risk of receiving a cup with a shape different from those pictured, we recommend seeking a different teacup.

  • Capacity: 110ml

  • Size: 8cm X 5.5 (cm)


  1. Please use a soft sponge to wash the ceramics.

  2. Don’t let the ceramics stay in the water for long time, we recommend you to get rid of the waters on the ceramics right after washing.

  3. It may leave any stains by oil or dairy products on non-glazed ceramics.

  4. Please avoid flame or extremely hot temperature to prevent damages.

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