a new tearoom scene in THE CITY

a tea room by ato


"low-key, comfort, artisan

and trustable tea experience"




Located in Soho New York, A Tea Room by ATO is a leading distributer of tea and ceramics.

We carry the finest tea hand picked by our direct farmer and packaged from Kyoto, Japan as well as tea drinks, home-brewed coffee and delicious sweets. Our sister restaurant, ATO, has already been recognized as one of the top Japanese eatery in New York established since 2016, Ato is also well known as serving its cuisine on one of kind ceramics. We have expanded the selections of ceramics that are available to the public at the tea room.

ATO Tea Room aims to offer delicious delights and cozy vintage display at their "room" where everyone is welcome for basking at all times.



Kyoto 'Goen-cha'

Kyoto Goencha is growing to the most enjoyable tea shop in Japan. Based on such a philosophy, they would like to introduce tradition to our daily life, and provide information that appeals to people who may not know about tea culture yet.


Restaurant ATO 

Tucked between Grand and Thompson, in the sleepier side of west Soho, resides Ato. Where French delicacy meets the Japanese emphasis on fresh and quality ingredients, presented by executive Chef William Shen.

Selecting fresh and quality ingredients and delivering it in its most natural form, Ato's team creates dishes believing that it is more than just food but also an artistic practice; therefore, the restaurant names itself after the Japanese pronunciation of "art." The restaurant houses a raw and minimal space, like a blank canvas highlighting the food.


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